Our story

We, founders of the Bayt Ali Gana, believe that change has to come from within the grassroots of culture. Honoring the work and legacy of one of Libya’s fine artist, Ali Gana.  We envision this place to function as a much needed think tank and a platform for arts and culture in the country. By creating a safe space for creatives to invest their time and efforts in research, study, discuss and spread knowledge, keeping the vision and ambition of Ali Gana alive and continue to inspire people

The artist dedicated his life to education and research, encouraging observation, critical thinking and creativity through generations of students. Those points are the main principles of Bayt Ali Gana Cultural House initiated in 2013 by his younger daughter Hadia, with the support and encouragement of her mother, family and friends

The Bayt is the first and most important project of The Ali Gana Foundation for Culture and Arts, a non-profit organization first registered in 2012. The building hosting the artist collection and archive is his family house that is in the process of rehabilitation to provide an exhibition area, a multidisciplinary space, a library, a children corner and a café. The slow development of the project in front of it’s future users during the hectic post revolution period aims to weave a strong relation with the community and find common interests away from the separations of political views, gender and race

The project will be the first art museum in Libya. It is not aiming to become an Ali Gana “mausoleum” but be a place at his image, in perpetual activity and research of new talents, cultural, artistic and archi­tectural discussions and activity

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